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1. Objective

In 2016, I was interviewed by SMYT and I was offered a test task. Interface requirements:

  1. The data for the grid is stored locally, not requested from the server.
  2. Clicking on the print icon should open a new page in the browser (any). Mouse hover shows a hint.
  3. After clicking on the delete icon, you should see a prompt with the text: "Do you really want to delete this record?" with the Yes / No buttons. When you click on "No", the prompt closes, when you click on "Yes", the record from the grid is deleted locally (from the store).
  4. The button displays a window with the grid of the list of documents in any format, the list is random.
  5. By clicking on any of the buttons it will open a window, inside of which there will be a form with one field and a "Save" button. When you click on "Save" a request is sent to any url, in the parameters of which, the name of the form field and its value.

Code requirements:

  1. The code must be as modular and scalable as possible. No hacks.
  2. It is desirable to show skills in using prototype inheritance.

2. Result

A small web-application using the following techniques:

  • Custom store with random data
  • Base class extending
  • Namespaces using
  • Right components communication
  • Some base ExtJS css classes overrides
  • Source code structure
  • AJAX sending
  • Events using
  • Custom xtype using
  • Independent of column moving actioncolumn icons changing
  • ...and many more

3. Experience

I got an experience with:

  • ExtJS frontend library based on JavaScript
  • Git and submodules
Main page

Project details

Client: SMYT

Date: April 28, 2016

Link: https://github.com/Sogl/smyt-test

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