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1. Objective

I did the project with my classmate just after graduation from the University. The customer asked us to create a site with a showcase of services — each of the clients had to have a mini-site with services, their description and price. It was decided to choose Joomla, because we already had experience with using it.

2. Result

Website with the following functionality:

  • Catalog of cards with companies
  • Site search
  • Single template for the client page
  • Individual template for the client page
  • Cross-browser layout

3. Experience

I got experience with:

  • Joomla
  • HTML / CSS layout for modern browsers
  • HTML / CSS layout for Internet Explorer 7+
  • Photoshop
Main page

Project details

Client: Ten Alexander

Date: September 01, 2012

I also participated in the selection of icons for the site and in drawing the logo.

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