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1. Objective

Encyclopedia "Palagin's School" is an attempt to combine in one electronic Wiki the experience and ideas of the doctor Petr Palagin. The project will be of interest to psychosomatologists, psychologists, GNM specialists and practitioners of Recall Healing.

2. Result

Website with the following functionality:

  • Smart search of all materials from past lectures
  • The section with therapeutic cases with convenient filtering
  • Users can change information about themselves on a special profile page, does not require access to the admin panel
  • Users can enter their therapy cases on a special page (supports attachments), does not require access to the admin panel
  • Ability to change the content of any block from the admin panel (admin function)
  • Cross-browser layout

3. Experience

I got experience with:

  • Grav CMS and it's premium plugins
  • Flex objects and their representation
  • Twig template engine
  • Markdown markup language
  • HTML / CSS layout for modern browsers based on spectre.css
  • Algolia search engine

Lecture materials

Search by therapy cases

Project details

Client: Petr Palagin

Date: Under development

Link: https://school.petrpalagin.com/

The project is in active development.

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