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1. Objective

It took a website for a travel company.

2. Result

Website with the following functionality:

  • Catalog of excursions and tours with filtering by category
  • Multilingualism (Russian, English)
  • Dynamically updated gallery on tour
  • Ability to display upcoming events on the main page
  • Availability of pages with additional information
  • Admin panel with custom functionality for editors
  • Cross-browser layout
  • Connected weather and chat modules

3. Experience

I got experience with:

  • Grav CMS and it's plugins
  • Twig template engine
  • Markdown markup language
  • Chat service Chatra
  • HTML / CSS layout for modern browsers
Main page

Tours list

Tour page

Project details

Client: Petr Zaytsev

Date: December 30, 2017

Link: https://ks65.ru/en

The sites that the client liked were designed in the 2000s, so I tried to choose the most understandable and minimalistic theme for the appearance of the site. The project finished exactly on New Year's Eve.

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